Silver Smokey Black

This is a black based horse who also carries silver and cream.  

This colour should have a gold sheen to the coat - best seen in Summer unclipped coat.

The end result can vary in shade.
the following two shades were both proven to carry cream and silver on a black base:

I have used just part of each picture to demonstrate the difference in shades, these two minis are in America.


Silver Smokey Black Stallion:  
He was born with 2 blue eyes that have changed over two years (see below), 
he has deep pink/liver coloured skin.
Has been colour tested by UC Davis and is DEFINITELY a silver smokey black.

SC Caspers Lord of the Dance

Sire: Silver Perlino
Dam: Palomino 

Owned by Loadstar Stud

new born 3 months - clipped
9 Months - unclipped 12 months  - clipped
2 years mid winter - unclipped  3 years Autumn - Unclipped

Eye colour changes

 4 months - blue 12 months - blue mixed with amber  2 years - colour now matches his coat colour.

Notes: The above colt was registered as a chestnut with one society and as a "taffy" with another... both societies failed to question how a cream double dilute (his sire) could have a non cream foal...

His sire is registered as a cremello, however he has produced black based foals from red based mares (the boy above is just one of them), so he CANNOT be a cremello, he must be perlino, he has also produced silver foals, so is in fact a silver perlino stallion.


Silver Buckskin

This is a black based horse who carries Bay, cream and silver...

The bay lightens the body colour, the cream then dilutes the body colour - making the horse a buckskin, the silver then dilutes the black points.

The end colour can come in various shades.

Weanling unclipped

Silver Buckskin Mare:

Silver Star Smitten

Sire: silver bay overo
Dam: Silver buckskin

Bred by Silver Star 

2 years - clipped

12 months - clipped 

Notice that this mare does have darker legs, but they have been diluted and its harder to see when clipped.


Silver Palomino

This is a red based horse that carries one cream gene and the silver gene.

From the few examples I have been able to find, it appears it is normal for silver palominos to change coat colour several times - starting off as chestnut as foals, then turning palomino before eventually getting a lot of black hairs through their coats - or being "sooty palomino".  
Diluted eyes and striped hooves can help identify the silver, but may not always be present.  If you have more examples, or a silver pali who's colour behaved differently then this, I would love to hear about it.

Silver Palomino Mare:

Cranage Debutante

Sire: Silver cremello
Dam: Chestnut 

Bred by Cranage Miniature Horses  
- Her sire can be seen below - Bellequine Peppermint.

She was born a light chestnut, had lightened to palomino by 12 months, stayed palomino until 2, when she start to get a little smutty and is now almost completely smutty at 3. She has striped hooves now as well (a sign of silver).

Note - the Silver Smokey Black stallion shown at top of the page was also born looking like a dark chestnut.


Silver Cremello/perlino/smokey cream

Cremellos, perlinos or smokey creams that carry the silver gene will look just like a normal cremello/perlino/smokey creams, they are a horse that has 2 cream genes and the silver gene.

Proof of double cream dilutes that carry silver will be seen when they have silver foals from non-silver partners... Of course the foal will also carry the cream gene, in which case you will see a cream/silver mix foal.

Silver Cremello Stallion

Bellequine Peppermint

Sire: Palomino (suspected silver palomino) 
Dam: Palomino 

Owned by 
Apoco - D Miniature
Horse Stud

this stallion is registered cremello, however has thrown silver foals from non-silver mares, so is a silver cremello.

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